ZAMEK Culture Centre

SEE THROUGH TOUCH / exhibition

Can art be read otherwise than by means of sight? Indeed it can, stretching out your hands will be enough!
See Through Touch is an exhibition of works created by Michał Wielgosz, student of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and contributor in the Niewidzialni Niewidomi project, and Martyna Nagraba. There will also be three works by Jerzy Łuczak, who made a number of convex pieces in the course of the project entitled Senses of Culture, carried out as part of the competition Centrum Warte Poznania. The show promises quite a novel experience, as it may be ‘viewed’ both using one’s eyes and fingertips

For the past three years, the team of Niewidzialni Niewidomi have been educating others about the issues that persons with varied degrees of visual impairment have to confront. This is indeed a unique opportunity to experience something new and find out how one lives with impaired vision, especially in terms of participation in culture.

The exhibition is combined with activities through which we will attempt to reflect on visual disability. Among other things, we will be introduced to the Lorm manual alphabet and discuss audio description – more details to follow soon.

Whether you are young or old, visually impaired or not, do come. If you are curious of the world, this is just the right place to be!